How To Fold And Roll Up Your Sleeping Bag Into The Carry Bag - EGOZ Peanut

Knowing how to fold and roll a sleeping bag is an essential skill for any camper.

Follow the simple steps bellow and learn how to tightly rolling your sleeping bag and store it in his carry bag.

(Before you start to roll your sleeping bag please make sure the carry bag is next to you)

Step 1 – Shake out the sleeping bag and lay the sleeping bag on flat floor or tent area

Step 2 – Zip up the sleeping bag all the way to the top, this will keep all the corners together when rolling up the bag

Step 3 – Fold the sleeping bag in half and get out as much air as possible, this will help to roll the bag tightly.

Step 4 – Begin rolling the sleeping bag from the bottom lengthwise,to keep the bag as small as possible it important to use lots of pressure

step 5 – Hold the rolled sleeping bag between the knees while keeping pressure on the rolled bag and store your sleeping bag into the carry bag

the Peanut by Egoz Sleeping bag is easy to Pack and will save you time on your next travel camping or hiking

for more info watch this video

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