REVIEW: Egoz Cashew Waist Bag-The Best Undercover Money Belt

love to travel? Going to Camping? Planning a Holiday?

The Cashew by EGOZ is a great Money Belt and would be perfect to take it with you.

this stylish security option its the highest quality Travel belt available on the market

Cashew is a very well made money belt, made of light weight, strong and comfortable material that is easy to wipe clean and its water resistant!

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The back of the pouch which would sit next to the skin if you wear it under your clothing is a very soft mesh so extremely comfortable to wear for long periods and to be honest you forget it's there after a minutes.

You would easily be able to fit cash, passports, drivers license, phone and credit cards in this pouch, which gives the wearer complete peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe from pick pockets whilst you are travel.

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There are 2 front zipper pockets, a large one at the back running the full length of the pouch and a smaller one at the front. Both of the pockets have good sturdy zips which run freely so no struggling to get the Zips open when you need to get to your money.

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The elastic belt is fully adjustable connects about 2 inches in on the front of the bag, which makes this bag sit flush to your body when worn. Its a great fit!

so would fit the smallest or largest waist and the snap fastener is very sturdy.

Cashew is a quality waist bag you expect from Egoz, made to last

Get ready for your next holiday and buy the number one money belt today. Buy Now

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