Backyard camping adventure

There are very few people who find relaxation in a backyard camping trip. too close to home, to the bills and worries but Still, you can learn a lot and have fun from a decent backyard camping with your kids.

Don’t forget that you are camping out for the benefit of your kids, taking the first steps in introducing your kids to the fun that is possible in a tent and at a campsite. away from TV, video games and WIFI.

Backyard camping affords all the fun of camping with easy access to your bathroom or in case of emergency to your own beds.

Sleeping Essentials

Set-up your sleeping bags and pillows inside the tent on top of yoga mat’s or an air mattress for a comfortable night’s rest. This is a great opportunity to try new camping gear, the Egoz peanut sleeping bag – perfect for backyard camping with your kids.

Give them duties

Camping is a wonderful time to give children duties. Let them use hammers and drive stakes. Give them the opportunity to help with setting the fire, cooking and so, your kids will love the responsibility of their camping duties.

Campfire foods

Backyard camping is a great time to bring out the outdoor cooking appliances. This might be an outdoor fireplace, a firepit, a camping stove or if all else fails, your barbecue. Make foods that you wouldn’t dare carry into the woods. Your house is right there so you can get daring.

Stars gazing

One of the best things about sleeping outside is gazing at the stars as you hit the sack. So, spread a blanket in your backyard, lie down and look at the glowing firmament. Find some easy constellations or download an app that will point you in their direction. A telescope will make the experience even more incredible.

Camping games and activities

Don’t allow yourself or your kids to get bored while out camping. In the day time, you can explore your campsite go for nature scavenger hunt, look for insects and bugs and learn about them. Don't forget to protect yourself from the sun, make sure to bring sun hat for you and for your kids. Take with you isolated stainless steel water bottle with cold water cold on the hot summer days or hot to make some tea. In the evening bring out the board games or story telling around the camp fire. include fun games and activities to keep everyone having a great time.

Let them stay up

Without the clocks, it’s easy to just unwind and let nature take its course on your children. If they want to be up late, let them.

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