5 Christmas Gifts for The Camping Lovers

When your friends and family are into camping and outdoor activities, you may think finding gifts for them is hard. That couldn’t be less true! Here are the perfect Christmas gifts for campers and outdoor fanatics.

Get a Peanut Sleeping Bag

Start with the peanut sleeping bag. It will keep the recipient toastie throughout the night when they’re camping, even in temperatures as low as 40F. The sleeping bag compacts easily in a small stuff sack, making it portable and practical. It comes in a variety of colors, whether your friends like to be visible or blend in with the forest overnight.

Pistachio Neck Warmer

If you’re looking for small and affordable Christmas gifts, opt for the pistachio neck warmer. Scarves are dangerous but they’re practical. The neck warmer pulls over the head and remains comfortably in place. There’s no need to worry about getting one end caught in branches or being pulled if you trip. Plus you get to pull the warmer up around your mouth and nose to keep your face protected from the elements. It’s also duel-layered to make sure the wear remains warm in all conditions.

Pecan Stainless Steel Water Bottle

No outdoor enthusiast will go away without a water bottle. Most will opt for plastic bottles that break after a while. It’s time to get something that will last for the years to come. Stainless steel is durable when the bags are dropped on the ground after a long day hiking. The metal will also help to keep water cool, regardless of the temperatures outside. With a small carabiner, the water bottle can be attached to the bag, to the belt, or anywhere else for hand-free travelling.

Coconut Sun Hat

While some campers will go away in the winter, others will prefer to travel in the summer. That means protecting the head from the sun to avoid heat stroke. The Coconut Sun Hat is one of the best Christmas gifts for all outdoor lovers. It has a breathable mesh at the very top, preventing sweat collecting while walking. There’s also an adjustable band, making sure it fits all head sizes. Then there’s the adjustable band around the chin, keeping the hat firmly on the head. It’s another option that comes in a range of colors, whether your friends like to blend in or stand out.

Macadamia Ski Gloves

Gloves are one of the most important items when it comes to outdoor activities. Just because these Macadamia Ski Gloves are labeled for skiing, doesn’t mean they’re no good for everything else. They will certainly help for all types of outdoor winter activities, including hiking and adventure sports. With a waterproof outer layer, they’re perfect for all weather (including the snow) while the inner layer will help to keep hands warm and the blood flowing. The gloves link together with a small plastic clip to avoid losing one during storage.

It’s time to think about the types of items your guests will love. Campers and outdoor lovers will appreciate anything that keeps them warm and makes their life outside more enjoyable. These Christmas gifts will definitely go down a treat.