REVIEW: Almond By EGOZ Mummy Sleeping Bag

The Almond is a full-sized adult sleeping bag in a tapered mummy style. It has a silky polyester shell that feels good against the skin and makes it easy to slip in and out of the bag

Its construction is 100% Polyester and it is also filled with Cotton making it easy to wash and dry.

The Almond is a great light weight sleeping bag that has a lot of small & helpful features. I prefer this "mummy" style shape as it fits tighter to the body because it tapers down at the foot end. In my opinion this bag warms up more quickly than the classic rectangle shape.

I am 6' 2" and weight over 200 pounds and found there was plenty of room in the sleeping bag . Almond Sleeping bag is certainly large enough for an adult male to sleep in comfort.

Though I could not test this product at 30 degrees (or, by extension, below that), I think it still is safe to say this product will probably be fine at 40, and a bit below that.

I don't think the Almond sleeping bag can "eliminate cold spots," however, when it comes to the again I'm quite sure its user should use a padding to separate them from not only the cold ground at night, but also the discomfort one would experience from the rugged ground one lies upon.

The zip was very easy to fasten and I like the idea that the sleeping bag can be zipped up from the inside.

There is also a Velcro strap that comes over at the top. This means if you move about in the bag, the zip doesn't start to undo, as the strap secures it close. This whilst simple is actually a pretty good design feature! It would make me chose this bag over another!

I also like the manner in which the hood tightens: there’s only one string that needs to be pulled (several bags use two) and it’s relatively easy to pull tight around the face I like that the egoz sleeping bags comes with an easy to carry bag. We are always very loaded down while camping and anything to make that easier is a definite plus! Very easy roll up and store.

The carry bag has a rope handle. You can carry it over your shoulder, or carry it like a backpack

It also has strap on the bottom, which is great for airing it out or hanging it upside down.

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