REVIEW: EGOZ Peanut Sleeping Bag

This is a nice, well constructed bag from the people at EGOZ. the Peanut is a rectangular shape Sleeping bag,the standard-shaped of this bag suits well.

This is a decent light weight sleeping bag , coming in at 1.4 kg (3 lbs), its compact to carry and doesn't take up a lot of room when it's in it's pouch and would easily fit on a backpack roll

The Peanut sleeping bag does zip all the way open. You can lay it flat & use it as a blanket, The sleeping bag is very well made with durable seams and stitching and the zip runs freely without snagging.

As far as warmth in this bag, I am going to say that it definitely lives up to our needs. We don't usually camp below around 45 degrees and have tested this bag at 55 and were quite comfortable. I found the peanut sleeping bag to be quite cozy and we have had no complaints at all...which hasn't always been the case in the past with other sleeping arrangements.

The Sleeping bag is comfortable, but it will not provide much in the way of protection from rocks, sticks and the like on the ground; you’ll need to be very careful to lay it on smooth ground or soft leaves or a pad in order to sleep comfortably.

The fabric is 100% polyester which means that it will dry quickly. This is important for me because I live in the North West and sooner or later - the Sleeping bag will get wet.

egoz sleeping bags are fits easily back into the carry bag - You don't have to be an origami master to get the bag back into the case. It's very easy to pack away in its own sack you just have to roll it very tightly.

There is a cloth flap that covers the top of the zipper and is held in place with Velcro.

The Sleeping bag has a hood at the top that can be cinched around your head / face to keep you extra cozy & warm.

The carry bag is light weight and has a strap on the bottom which helps you pull the sleeping bag out from the case.

The carry bag has a rope handle. You can carry it over your shoulder, or carry it like a backpack

I like the Peanut sleeping bag, Very competitively priced, nicely made and cosy enough for weather that isn't too severe.

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