Travel Tips and Essentials for your next Flight- you can't leave without them !

Whether for business or pleasure, travel can be fun and exciting – or exhausting and frustrating. You can control – or at least minimize many of the inevitable inconveniences with some advance preparation and the right equipment.

There are products out there that will solve most travel problems with a minimal investment. You can be organized, comfortable, and ready to hit the ground running when you arrive at your destination.

Before you leave, scan a copy of your passport, e-mail it to yourself and take a photo of it to save on your cell phone. That way, if you need your passport while out (but it's locked up in your hotel safe), you'll have access to all your details. Plus, if it's stolen, getting a replacement will be that much easier.

Essentials check list:

1. Screaming baby two rows behind you? Hotel room next to the elevator or icemaker? Grab noise-cancelling headphones or a white noise generator to solve the problem.

2. Phone dying or laptop battery fading? Backup Battery to the rescue!

3. Aching back, stiff neck? Pillows for your back, and even a hoodie with a built-in neck pillow so you can slip into a window seat and hide for a few hours of snoozing.

4. Hand Sanitizer and Wipes – Keep your hand and area clean of germs.

5. Clothing – While your pajamas might not be the best choice in public, wearing sportswear will keep you comfortable. Don’t forget to wear thick socks to keep your feet warm.

6. Reading book - You're not alone if you dread long flights. But! When else do you get hours of quiet, sustained, uninterrupted reading time? When else can you not feel guilty for literally not moving at all for 8-plus hours in the name of reading a good romance novel? Never!

7. Toiletries – Brushing your teeth and hair, can make all the difference. Bring mini teeth brush that you can use without water, skin moisturizer, eye drops and deodorant.

8. Location tracking name tag - It has Bluetooth built-in and can connect to your device. If someone does so much as lay a finger on your bags, the tag will ping your phone. When you're waiting at the carousel, it'll let you know when your bags are close by. When your tag is out of range, the app will remember where it last recognized your tag.

9. Sunglasses - They come in real handy after a long-haul flight when you’re feeling/looking extremely jet lagged.

10. Money belt – store your valuables. Choose what suits you best and take fabric into consideration.

*DO NOT WEAR THE MONEY BELT OUTSIDE OF YOUR CLOTHING – many travelers do this and advertising to the thieves exactly where to find their cash.

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