5 Best U.S. Ski Resorts for Families

With so much focus on work and money, many people are forgetting about family. The value on quality time with spouses, children, and parents has dropped considerably. It’s time to forget about work and leave the screens at home. Skiing is one of the best ways for families to connect once more. A ski vacation offers fun for all ages. Now you just need to find the best ski resort for families.

1. Grand Targhee, WY

You don’t need to go far for skiing vacations. Grand Targhee is hidden by the beautiful Tetons. While the area is relatively small and intimate compared to many other ski resorts, this is perfect for families. You’ll always see your kids when they’re having their ski lessons or you’re on the slopes with them.

Get your ski gloves ready, because there is plenty of snow throughout the year. Don’t forget to book into the Powder Scouts ski school program at the resort, teaching children and adults of all ages. When you’re finished skiing, there are plenty of other activities to go. Look out for the Dreamchaster spa or book a dog-sledding session.

2. Okemo, VT

If you have young children, you will definitely want to go to Okemo ski resort. The ski school program is easy to check into and runs throughout the week, including weekends. One of the best things is kids under 12 stay at the resort for free, and there are special programs during the day and evening for children as young as six months.

Book on a snowmobile tour for some quality family fun. If you have teenagers who aren’t the biggest fans of skiing, there’s a skateboard park too.

3. Steamboat Springs, CO

Colorado offers a beautiful backdrop for an excellent ski resort for families. Steamboat has a range of ski programs and off-season activities to make the most of your vacation. Look out for special events, like skiing with Billy Kidd, Olympic medalist.

Unlike many other skiing schools that base on age, Steamboat groups by skill to make sure every child learns exactly what they need. There’s even the opportunity for parents to join in and connect with the instructors. When you need an evening off, there’s a Kids Adventure Club for children of all ages.

4. Stratton Mountain, VT

If you have young children, you may worry about their lack of skiing abilities. There’s no need when it comes to Stratton Mountain Ski Resort. Just over 40% of the terrain is suitable for new skiers and another 30% is suitable for those of an intermediate standard. There are also seasonal programs and lessons to get everyone ready for the slopes.

It’s not all about skiing either. The village is full of fun activities and picture-perfect moments. You’ll still want your ski gloves for throwing snowballs and building snowmen!

5. Jiminy Peak, MA

Spend some time in the Northern Berkshires t Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort. The beautiful picturesque backdrop offers a ski resort perfect for young families. Like many other resorts there are ski lessons, but you can choose snowboarding lessons too. The teenagers will love it!

The whole resort is designed for quality family time in mind. After a day on the slopes, you can relax in the local restaurant and by a fire pit to enjoy some S’mores and storytelling.

Get the best family experience by choosing the best ski resort for families. There are many out there, but the five above offer entertainment and lessons for all ages.